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Emoon Portfolio (previously Efolio) is a web application that allows you to track, analyze and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio anonymously. Emoon Portfolio has two integration points with Trezor:

  1. You can import cryptocurrency balances from your Trezor into Emoon Portfolio, enabling you to track your overall portfolio value. Once synced, you can check your portfolio value in Emoon Portfolio at any time without having to plug in your Trezor.
  2. You can diversify your portfolio using the Emoon Portfolio Shapeshift integration. You can convert between different cryptocurrencies that are secured by your Trezor. As Emoon Portfolio supports ERC20 tokens, you can also buy and sell ERC20 tokens directly from your Trezor.

For more information about safety and security of the Emoon Portfolio Trezor integration, please see the the service FAQs.

ImportantPlease keep in mind that we do not develop nor maintain third-party software, so we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

How to use Emoon Porfolio with Trezor[edit]

This guide assumes that your Trezor has been already initialized, i.e. you have been using it with Trezor Wallet or some other third-party wallet. If not, please see Setting up the Trezor device.

Syncing your Trezor with Emoon Portfolio[edit]

Apps-Emoon Portfolio-Portfolio.png
  1. Navigate to the Trezor Import page.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to sync and click on the Trezor button.
  3. Plug in your Trezor device (a Trezor Connect prompt pops up, asking you to do it).
  4. Confirm the export of account information (Trezor Connect asks you to do that).

Once exported, the page redirects to the Add Position screen on Emoon Portfolio. You can add any additional information, such as values in a fiat currency or your notes. You can then save the position and add it to your portfolio.

If you are adding ethers or ERC20 tokens, you can additionally click on Sync ERC20 Tokens, which uses your Ethereum address to sync with the blockchain and find your ERC20 token balances.

Diversify your portfolio with Shapeshift[edit]


Using a Shapeshift integration, Emoon Portfolio allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies stored on your Trezor for different cryptocurrencies. Shapeshift provides an escrow address where you send the funds that you want to exchange. They convert the funds at the given rate and send you the funds to the address provided. To learn more about how to generate a receiving address, see Receiving payments.

ImportantMake sure that the generated address is for the right cryptocurrency.
  1. Select cryptocurrencies to exchange from the drop-down menus.
  2. If the cryptocurrencies are supported by Trezor, a Trezor Connect button will be available for acquiring your wallet address. Click the button and Trezor Connect prompt will pop up, asking you to plug in your Trezor device.
  3. Enter your PIN and Passphrase (if you have it enabled).
  4. Trezor Connect will ask you to export account information. Confirm it on your Trezor device.
  5. Fill in the receiving address. To learn more about how to get a receiving address for your Trezor account, see Receiving payments.
  6. Pick the amount you want to exchange and submit. This will call Shapeshift to get the escrow address where you will send your coins.
  7. You can click the "Track My Order" link to verify the validity of the Shapeshift escrow address.
  8. To have your Trezor sign and send the transaction, click on the Trezor button. Another Trezor Connect prompt should show up and ask you to confirm the transaction on your Trezor and select a transaction fee. In the case of ether or ERC20 tokens, the gas price will be displayed on the Trezor itself. You look at the address displayed on the Trezor to be sure it is the same as the escrow address provided by Shapeshift.
  9. Once confirmed, the transaction will be sent to the blockchain.
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