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Trezor Chrome extension was software facilitating the communication between the Trezor device and Trezor Wallet.

ImportantThe Trezor Chrome extension is now deprecated and works only with Trezor One in case you do not have Trezor Bridge installed. It is strongly recommended to use Trezor Bridge and official Trezor Wallet in its place, as these are regularly updated.

With Trezor Chrome extension you could access Trezor management functionality independently of your particular wallet solution. These features include device initialization, wipe, recovery and others, such as changing PIN and setting up a hidden wallet with passphrase. The extension had all the features for configuring the device that Trezor Wallet has while it runs even on an offline computer.

Beside the management features, Trezor Chrome extension served as the communication layer between your device and online wallets and services. This means that with the extension already on the computer, you did not have to install anything else (neither plugin nor bridge) when you wanted to use Trezor online, assuming you were using the Chrome browser.

Properties and Features[edit]

Software property Description
Platform desktop & mobile using Chrome extension
Languages English
Trezor Management Feature Description
Basic Setup Generate new wallet with recovery seed, set PIN and label device
Safe Recovery Recover Trezor by safely entering your recovery seed (12, 18 or 24 words)
Smart PIN Matrix Keylogger protection, displaying PIN matrix on Trezor's display
Change PIN User can change Trezor's PIN
Change Name User can change Trezor's name
Custom Homescreen User can upload personalized default screen
Manage Passphprase User can turn on/off passphrase used with hidden wallets
Update Firmware Notify user and update firmware when new version is available
Wipe device Erase private keys from Trezor
Fast Recovery Recover by directly loading seed into Trezor, fast but less safe way to recover wallet
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