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Coinmap is a tool where you can find shops and businesses using and accepting Bitcoin. It is also an excellent tool for journalists who want to study and report on the adoption of Bitcoin in the real economy.

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How to use Coinmap with Trezor

You can use your Trezor to sign into Coinmap securely and privately. No email account, name or other user info is required.

  1. Click on the Login button in the bottom-left corner and select Trezor as your login method.
  1. A Trezor Connect prompt will ask you to confirm the action on your Trezor.
  2. If your device is locked, you will have to enter your PIN. The PIN is never required again until you disconnect and reconnect the device.
  3. Done.

Adding a venue in Coinmap

When signed in, adding a new venue is a matter of seconds.

  1. Right click on the location where you want to place a new venue and select Add Venue.
  2. Fill out the name of your business and other details and click Save.
  3. Done.

Coinmap API

More advanced users can use the Coinmap API to get and add venues, comments and ratings. More information about the API is here.