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Etherwall is a desktop Ethereum wallet for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Trezor user manual[edit]

This app works only with Trezor One. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your Trezor device. Download the app from

ImportantPlease keep in mind that we do not develop nor maintain third-party software, so we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

Importing accounts from Trezor[edit]

Etherwall should detect Trezor and provide an import popup dialog when first inserted.

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If you didn't get the import dialog or need to import additional accounts go to settings/Trezor tab and click the import button. You can also set the number of accounts to import here, default is 5.

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If you set up PIN and/or password protection on your Trezor the authentication popups will show up. Note that PIN is required only once per Trezor connection session.

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Confirm the operation on your device and your accounts will show up with the Trezor indicator on the left side.

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Sending transaction from imported account[edit]

To send transaction from Trezor account you need to connect your Trezor. Prepare your transaction in the transactions dialog as usual. Hit the Send button, check the transaction on Trezor screen and confirm it.

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Additional resources[edit]

Properties and features[edit]

Wallet property Description
Platform Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Coin(s) Ethereum
Languages English
Address Book Manage contact list of receiving and sending addresses
Labelling Label addresses
Trezor feature Description
Basic Setup Generate new wallet with recovery seed, set PIN and label device
Safe Recovery Recover Trezor by safely entering your recovery seed (12, 18 or 24 words)
Simple transactions Sign transaction with Trezor and confirm address and amount on display
Multisig transactions Sign multi-signature transaction with Trezor
Hidden Wallets User can access hidden wallets each behind arbitrary passphrase
Multiple Accounts Capable of creating and working with multiple accounts
Smart PIN Matrix Keylogger protection, displaying PIN matrix on Trezor's display
Watch-only mode Remembering account, generating new receiving address with Trezor disconnected
Show on Trezor Phishing protection, validation receiving address on Trezor
Change PIN User can change Trezor's PIN
Change Name User can change Trezor's name
Custom Homescreen User can upload personalized default screen
Update Firmware Notify user and update firmware when a new version is available
Wipe device Erase private keys from Trezor
Sign Message Securely sign short text
Verify Message Securely verify short text
Fast Recovery Recover by directly loading seed into Trezor, fast but less safe way to recover the wallet
Wallet Encryption Wallet can be decrypted and opened using Trezor only
Sign in with Trezor Trezor is used for online authentication without using username and password
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