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Nano Wallet is a secure interface connecting to the NEM platform.

ImportantPlease keep in mind that we do not develop nor maintain third-party software, so we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

How to use Nano Wallet with Trezor device[edit]

NotePlease make sure that your Trezor device is running the latest firmware version. If you have not yet updated the firmware, go to Trezor Wallet and follow the guide.

1. Go to and download the Universal Client of Nano Wallet.


2. Extract the zip file and start the application or web-page (start.html).

3. Click on login in upper right corner and then click on Login with Trezor.


4. Select "mainnet".


5. A Trezor Connect pop-up will appear. Please confirm NEM address export and unlock your Trezor with your PIN and/or Passphrase.

6. The Trezor device will now show your NEM address for your account. Below the address, you can see its derivation path. Continue the process by clicking on the corresponding button on the device.

7. Done, you can now use NEM wallet with Trezor device.

How to send and receive XEM[edit]

To receive XEM, click on "Account: Primary" in the right upper corner. Now you can see your XEM address on which you can receive your XEM. To verify this address, click on Show on Trezor button. If the address shown on your device matches the address in the web browser, it is genuine.


To send XEM, click on "Send" in the top menu. Fill out all required fields, such as the receive address, the amount and optionally the message, which you would like to attach to the transaction. When finished, click on send. After creating and confirming the transaction in the web interface, the data are sent to the Trezor device. Now, verify all the transaction details on the device and confirm on device, if the data is correct.


Note We owe thanks to the NEM community developer Saleem who single-handedly developed Trezor support for NEM.

See also our blog for detailed information how to use NanoWallet

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