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Trezor Suite is a software wallet interface built to provide a multi-functional platform for Trezor devices. It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Suite desktop.png
Trezor Suite desktop interface

How to run[edit]

On Linux[edit]

Mark the binary as executable.

chmod u+x Trezor-Suite-21.3.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage 

(replace the version with current one)

Run the binary.


Note: On Debian, CentOS and similar distributions you might need to add a --no-sandbox flag

Trezor Suite comes in the AppImage format. Learn more about AppImage on their documentation page.

How to verify the binaries[edit]

Download the necessary files

Make sure that you have downloaded both our signing key and the signature of the binary from the download page. The links for downloading these are underneath the 'Get desktop app' button:

Downloads for verification.png
Where to find 'Signature' and 'Signing key'
  • You will also need the Trezor Suite installer file in the same directory.

Import the signing key.

gpg --import satoshilabs-2021-signing-key.asc

Verify the signature.

gpg --verify Trezor-Suite-21.3.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage.asc

GPG should then return a positive match on our signing key, i.e. Good signature from "SatoshiLabs 2021 Signing Key".

The primary key fingerprint should be: EB48 3B26 B078 A4AA 1B6F 425E E21B 6950 A2EC B65C

Unless you tell GPG to trust the key, you will see the warning:

WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!

This just means that it's not certified by another 3rd party authority.

Properties and Features[edit]

Wallet property Description
Platform Web, macOS, Windows, Linux
Coin(s) click here
Languages English
Address Book Manage contact list of receiving and sending addresses
Labelling Add comments and labels to accounts and transactions
Trezor feature Description
Basic Setup Generate new wallet with recovery seed, set PIN and label device
Safe Recovery Recover Trezor by safely entering your recovery seed (12, 18 or 24 words)
Simple transactions Sign transaction with Trezor and confirm address and amount on display
Multisig transactions Sign multi-signature transaction with Trezor
Hidden Wallets User can access hidden wallets each behind arbitrary passphrase
Multiple Accounts Capable of creating and working with multiple accounts
Smart PIN Matrix for Trezor One Keylogger protection, displaying PIN matrix on Trezor's display
Watch-only mode Remembering account, generating new receiving address with Trezor disconnected
Show on Trezor Phishing protection, validation receiving address on Trezor
Change PIN User can change the Trezor device PIN
Change Name User can change the Trezor device name
Custom Homescreen User can upload personalized default screen
Update Firmware Notify user and update firmware when a new version is available
Wipe the device Erase private keys from Trezor
Fast Recovery Recover by directly loading seed into Trezor, fast but less safe way to recover wallet
Wallet Encryption Wallet can be decrypted and opened using Trezor only
Sign in with Trezor Trezor is used for online authentication without using username and password
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