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Bitcoin firmware, or Bitcoin-only firmware, is a special version of the Trezor firmware which only facilitates Bitcoin operations. Running the Bitcoin-only firmware is optional and requires the user to install it manually.

Once it is loaded on the device, Trezor Wallet will restrict the selection of available cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin-only firmware was introduced on 4 September, 2019.

  • When loading the Bitcoin firmware on your Trezor Model T, you must have firmware version 2.1.0 or newer installed on your device first.
  • Trezor devices running the Bitcoin-only firmware cannot be used as two-factor authentication tokens (U2F/WebAuth).

See Firmware changelog

Trezor Wallet recognizes the firmware on the device and adjusts the interface.

Installing the Bitcoin-only firmware[edit]

Using a command line interface (Trezorctl)[edit]

1. Download the corresponding firmware binary file:

2. Open the terminal and access the folder containing the file.

3. Connect your Trezor in bootloader mode.

4. Use the command trezorctl firmware-update -f "filename" to initiate the installation.

E.g.: trezorctl firmware-update -f trezor-1.8.3-bitcoinonly.bin

5. Confirm the action on your device.

Loading a firmware using trezorctl

Using the Trezor Wallet web interface[edit]

1. Download the corresponding firmware binary file:

2. Visit and connect your Trezor.

3. Type "/custom_firmware" after your Trezor device ID in the URL.

Wallet custom firmware.png

3. Click on "Choose File" to upload the FW file.

4. Trezor Wallet now prompts you to initiate the firmware update process. Follow the instructions to load the firmware file on the device.

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