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A bootloader is a type of program that loads and starts the boot time tasks and processes of an operating system or the computer system.

See also: Security:Software

Trezor One[edit]


Bootloader is a preinstalled program on your Trezor device which basically verifies the validity of the firmware software being installed during its first set-up or during updating your device.

It is also needed to enter the bootloader mode while updating your firmware.

See also all about our bootloader versions and changes which were applied on this GitHub page

Trezor T[edit]

Trezor T initialization is split into two stages. First stage boardloader is stored in write-protected area, which means it is non-upgradable. Only second stage bootloader update is allowed.

First Stage - Boardloader

Second Stage - Bootloader

Second stage checks the integrity and signatures of the firmware and runs it if everything is ok. If second stage bootloader detects a pressed finger on the display (entering bootloader mode) or there is no firmware loaded in the device, it will start in a firmware update mode, allowing a firmware update via USB.

See also GitHub page

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