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The purpose of this page is to provide some basic guidelines and instructions for external linguists translating Trezor Wallet into various languages. Please follow the steps below. If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact our team.


Please register on Once you have created your account, send an email request to our translations coordinator. Include “Translation Trezor Wallet (Your language)” in the subject line.

Join the translation project[edit]

We will get back to you and send you an invitation to work on the requested language version. Please join the Trezor Wallet translation project in CrowdIn using the link provided and navigate to the requested language.

All language versions are translated from English.


General translation guidelines and recommendations[edit]

  • We recommend keeping track of how you translated individual words and phrases. This will keep the translation consistent.
  • We generally prefer formal (rather than informal) language. Please avoid slang or vulgar terms.
  • Please translate Glossary first. Once you finish, move on to Wallet. This will help keeping the translation consistent.
Developers guide crowdin-files.png
  • Please translate each string as precisely as possible. Keeping the original meaning is important.
  • Use the available context and screenshots to understand the individual strings.
  • Always check the Terms tab in Glossary to keep the translation consistent.
  • Using automatic translations in the Suggestions tab can speed up your work.

Translating text containing code[edit]

You will often come across strings which contain placeholders, HTML tags or some other parts of code. In that case, translate only the textual elements and leave the placeholders and tags as they are. For example, in the following sentence, you would only translate the words "changed from" and "to".

<b>{{key}}</b> changed from <b>{{old}}</b> to <b>{{new}}</b>

Below is a list of the most frequent cases that you might come across when translating text containing code:


Transaction {{hash}} was successfully sent.

The content in the curly brackets (in this case "hash") stands for a variable. In this case, never change the {{variable}}. However, you can move it around to suit your translated sentence. Please keep in mind that the variable will be replaced by a different word.


Many thanks to our translators for their <a>contributions</a>.

In this example sentence, the tag <a> means that the word "contributions" will be rendered as an HTML link. You should not alter or remove the tags themselves, but you are more than welcome to change the words contained in those tags. The translation of this sentence into Spanish might look something like this:

<a>Muchas gracias a nuestros traductores por su <a>contribución</a>.


This part gets a little bit tricky. The idea is that in some cases, we need a sentence to change based on a condition provided in the code. This might mean that the same sentence is sometimes displayed in the plural and sometimes in the singular form. Let's take the following example:

{nConfirmations, plural,=0 {no confirmation yet} =1 {# confirmation} other {# confirmations}}

In this sentence, you should only translate the parts highlighted in bold. Based on the number given (represented by "#"), the text is displayed either as "no confirmation yet", "confirmation" or "confirmations". Feel free to move the "#" as needed. Please keep in mind that each language behaves differently and you might need to add or remove a form. All changes are fine, as long as you preserve the logic of the code and the logic of the text.

For more detailed information, see this library.


Please report any inconsistencies, unclarities or mistakes in the English language (source) or in the UI.

  • To report any particular issue or to suggest a specific improvement, use the comments tab during your translation.
  • To report a general issue, please use the discussions panel.

In case of any issues, difficulties or questions, please check the CrowdIn documentation or contact our support.

Get a reward[edit]

Once your translation is approved by our team, you can claim your reward. For a complete translation of one language version, we offer a Trezor One in a color of your choice (black or white).

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