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Dash (DASH) is a cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions (InstantSend) and private transactions (PrivateSend). Dash was originally released as XCoin (XCO) on January 18, 2014. On January 28, 2014, the name was changed to "Darkcoin". On March 25, 2015, Darkcoin was rebranded as "Dash." Dash is short for "Digital Cash".

How to use Dash with Trezor

Dash is integrated in Trezor Wallet. It is, therefore, possible to use it in the standard interface.

  1. Plug in your Trezor device.
  2. Go to wallet.trezor.io.
  3. Select Bitcoin Cash in the top-left corner of the screen (see Getting to know Trezor Wallet#Switching cryptocurrencies (1)).
  4. Work with Trezor Wallet as usual. For more information, see User manual.

Dash can also be safely used with Electrum-DASH, with the seed and private keys fully protected by the Trezor device. For more infomartion and a manual describing the Trezor setup, see Electrum-DASH. You can also see our manual for using Bitcoin with Electrum in Apps:Electrum - the setup should be very similar.

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