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This is an developer FAQ.

I want to participate in implementing Trezor with my wallet or service.

See the Trezor Connect API to learn how to integrate Trezor with your wallet or service.

Is it possible to flash the device?

Yes, it is. Devices sold by us have a USB bootloader that allows firmware flashing. Upon start, the firmware signature is checked and if it does not match ours a warning is issued. The user can continue at his own risk after pressing the button. This small inconvenience is to increase the security of the end users.

What is the VID and PID (VendorID and ProductID) of Trezor?

Trezor One has VID 0x534c and PID 0x0001.

Trezor Model T uses VID 0x1209 and PID 0x53C1 (or 0x53C0 for bootloader). In the future Trezor one will use the same VID and PID. These VIDs/PIDs are assigned by Project, so some operating systems might show InterBiometrics as a vendor.

Where can I find the source codes?

You can find all the repositories at Github