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You would like to contribute to Trezor firmware? Great!

Adding a small feature or a fix[edit]

If your change is somewhat subtle, feel free to file a PR in one of the appropriate repositories directly. See the PR requirements noted at the bottom of this page.

Adding a new coin[edit]

Forks and derivatives[edit]

If the coin you are adding is a fork of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency we already support (in other words, new app is not needed) you can modify the definitions in the trezor-firmware repository and file a PR. In such case the coin does not have to be in TOP30 (see below). The location depends on the type of the asset to be added:


At the moment, we are in the process of setting up a new strategy for implementing new coins into Trezor. Please, be patient, our team will not be accepting any requests to add new cryptocurrencies until the process is finalized. Once this has been done, we will inform you through our public channels.

Pull request requirements[edit]


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