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Trezor Wiki/Developer/Developers guide/ Running Trezor Connect on localhost

To run Trezor Connect at localhost you will need nodejs and npm installed.

1.First clone Trezor Connect GitHub:

git clone

2. Install and run yarn:

npm install -g yarn

3. Run Trezor Connect locally:

yarn run dev

Now your Trezor Connect runs on localhost port.

If you want to connect your application to Trezor connect on your localhost, make sure that trezor-connect lib is pointing to a proper endpoint. You need to set window variable:

window.__TREZOR_CONNECT_SRC = 'https://localhost:8088/';

NoteThere is possibility to choose https/http and localhost port in connect/webpack/ If the https is enabled, it is necessary to go to the address in your browser and confirm the certificate, otherwise Trezor Connect will not communicate.

See also Trezor Connect API

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