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There are several libraries available which can be used to implement Trezor device functionalities.

SatoshiLabs libraries[edit]

Trezor Connect (Web)[edit]

For more information about Trezor Connect (JavaScript), see Trezor Connect API and this GitHub page.


For more information about Python-trezor, please see python-trezor or this GitHub page. It is possible to use python-trezor with trezorctl commands from the command line.


For more information, please see library for Android.

See also: Developers guide:Android


For more information, please see this GitHub page

Third-party libraries[edit]

Check these third-party libraries for Trezor device.

ImportantThese libraries are made by third-party subjects and are not checked by SatoshiLabs, please use them with caution.


For Trezor-java library by Gary Rowe, see this GitHub page.


Trezor.Net supports Android, UWP, .NET Core and .NET Framework with Hid.Net. Support for other platforms can be added with the Hid.Net dependency injection. See this page or this GitHub page.

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