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Can I return the product if I decide I do not want it?[edit]

It is okay to change your mind.

Let's say that you ordered your Trezor. It was delivered to you, but you decided that you do not need it after all. Do not worry - you can send it back and we will give you your money back.

You can return the product and claim a refund within 15 days after you have received it. For more information, contact our Support Team and we will give you all the necessary information.

What are the possible outcomes of a refund claim?[edit]

There are two refund types, depending on whether the package is open or not:

  1. Full refund - You initiate the returning of the product within 15 days following the delivery and the box containing the product is not opened.
  2. Partial refund - You initiate the returning of the product within 15 days following the delivery of the product. The box is opened, but the product itself is not damaged.

Partial refund means that we might not be able to send you the full price you paid for the device. To be sure that you receive the full amount, it is always safer to leave the product box unopened. We realize that this charge might not always be convenient for the customers. However, as a company focused on the security of its products, we have to test, reset and repackage each device that has been opened. Some of the devices cannot be used again.

Please keep in mind that the shipping fees (in both direction) will not be refunded when returning a product.

Will I get the shipping fee back as well?[edit]

As meantioned above, when returning a product, we can only refund the price of the product itself. We do not refund the shipping fee.

How do I return a product and claim a refund?[edit]

To initiate the refund process, the only thing you need to do is to contact the Support Team. Our Support Team will send you all the required information by email. They will also ask you to ship the product back to us.

How long will it take?[edit]

When you request a refund, the Support Team will evaluate your claim and determine the amount to refund. We will then ask you to confirm the result. If approved, the Support Team will ask you to send the product back to us as well as ask you for payment details. Processing the refund should not take longer than five days after having received the product.

Will my refund be paid in Bitcoin or in Euro?[edit]

If your original order was paid in Bitcoin, so will be the refund. To protect us agaist speculation, the Bitcoin amount paid to you will be calculated based on the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

Let us have a look at an example situation: You made an order for 89 euros and you paid in Bitcoin based on the exchange rate at the time. A week later, you would like to return the product and claim a refund, but the value of Bitcoin has already shifted. The Bitcoin value of the refund will be, therefore, calculated again to be equivalent to 89 euros according to the current exchange rate.

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