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Fujicoin (FJC) is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC) that launched in June 2014. It uses an Scrypt-N-Fixed algorithm for mining.

See also: Bitcoin (BTC) (basic) - Supported cryptocurrencies


Firmware (device) support Trezor One 1.6.1, Trezor Model T 2.0.5
Available in Trezor Wallet? Yes (with custom backend)
Third-party wallets Electrum (FJC)

How to use Fujicoin with Trezor[edit]

WarningTo use Fujicoin with Trezor, you need to use a third-party backend. Using a third-party product is at your own risk and SatoshiLabs does not bear any responsibility for anything that happens while using it.

  1. Go to wallet.trezor.io and connect your Trezor device.
  2. Open wallet settings. For more information, see Getting to know Trezor Wallet.
  3. In wallet settings, go to Bitcore Server URL and copy & paste this link:

NoteThe wallet currency selection will change to "Manual configuration" automatically when you link to a custom backend.

  1. Click on Save & Reload.
  2. Done. You are now using Fujicoin with Trezor Wallet. Continue using Trezor Wallet as you normally do with standard cryptocurrencies.

Fujicoin with Electrum[edit]

Fujicoin can be used with Electrum-FJC, with the seed and private keys fully protected by the Trezor device. For more information, see the Electrum-FJC GitHub page. You can also see our manual for using Bitcoin with Electrum in Apps:Electrum - the setup should be very similar.

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