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A password manager helps users to generate and store complex and secure passwords. Password managers are a convenient solution to store a large amount of difficult-to-remember passwords under one master password. The master password is used to unlock access to all encrypted passwords.

The Trezor Password Manager can be used to utilize your Trezor device as a password manager. The Trezor Password Manager does not require remembering one master password, as access is granted by pressing the physical button on your Trezor device. Your passwords are stored on Dropbox or Google Drive in an encrypted form using encryption keys derived and safely stored in your Trezor. The passwords are selectively decrypted on demand when needed. Note that all data stored on your Trezor device is derived from your recovery seed, which is an essential part of your wallet backup.

See also: Two-factor authentication & PIN (basic) - Trezor Password Manager (advanced)

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