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RSOD or "Red Screen Of Death" pops up when the hardware part of the device stumbles into unexpected set of circumstances. Generally, the manifestation of the ROSD means that the device fails to function.

Follow the recommended steps outlined below. If the device defaults on RSOD and you cannot get around it, reach out to the Trezor Support team via the Help Center

For reference, see also BSOD.



  • important line: func: _usb_read or func: _usb_write or func: _usb_write_flush
  • meaning: Reading from USB has failed
  • resolution: Try a different USB cable or a different computer. If this does not help, contact support for RMA (replacement).

Rsod-modelt-invalid-bootloader-header.jpg Rsod-modelt-invalid-bootloader-hash.jpg

  • important line: msg: invalid bootloader header or msg: invalid bootloader hash
  • meaning: Bootloader update has failed
  • resolution: Use the SD card to install the new bootloader from here.


  • important line: msg: invalid firmware header or msg: invalid firmware hash
  • meaning: Firmware update has failed
  • resolution: Boot into the bootloader and try the firmware update again.


  • important line: func: touch_power_on
  • meaning: Can't turn on the touch display.
  • resolution: Try rebooting the device. If this does not help, contact support for RMA (replacement).
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