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"Red Screen Of Death" - see BSOD



  • important line: func: _usb_read or func: _usb_write or func: _usb_write_flush
  • meaning: Reading from USB has failed
  • resolution: Try a different USB cable or a different computer. If this does not help, contact support for RMA (replacement).

Rsod-modelt-invalid-bootloader-header.jpg Rsod-modelt-invalid-bootloader-hash.jpg

  • important line: msg: invalid bootloader header or msg: invalid bootloader hash
  • meaning: Bootloader update has failed
  • resolution: Use the SD card to install the new bootloader from here.


  • important line: msg: invalid firmware header or msg: invalid firmware hash
  • meaning: Firmware update has failed
  • resolution: Boot into the bootloader and try the firmware update again.


  • important line: func: touch_power_on
  • meaning: Can't turn on the touch display.
  • resolution: Try rebooting the device. If this does not help, contact support for RMA (replacement).
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