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Established in late 2013, SatoshiLabs is a company full of experienced specialists founded by two of the leading personalities in the crypto community. Located in Prague, in the heart of Europe, the company projects tackle a wide range of topics in cryptocurrency security and accessibility. SatoshiLabs are ambitious pioneers bringing new technologies and cryptography to the masses. SatoshiLabs raises public awareness about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and cryptography. Currently, the company team counts more than 50 highly motivated people.

The goal of SatoshiLabs is to support and develop new projects leading to faster adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This includes developing easy and secure tools for cryptocurrency users.


SatoshiLabs and Trezor started as a small project of two crypto-enthousiasts with a vision.

Pavol Rusnák, or Stick (Twitter,GitHub), is Co-Founder, CTO, core developer and cryptographer at SatoshiLabs. He is leading the development of software and hardware projects such as Trezor, the first hardware wallet. Along with his regular work, he is also interested in artificial intelligence and cognitive science in general. In his spare time, he works on award-winning new media interactive installations.

Marek Palatinus, or Slush (Twitter, GitHub), is Co-Founder and CEO at SatoshiLabs. Before SatoshiLabs, he has worked for many online startups and made valuable experience in the banking industry as an enterprise IT architect. In 2010, he discovered Bitcoin and started to work on it full time in 2011. Since then, he has become a cryptocurrency pioneer, having started the first mining pool as well as the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet - Trezor.

Alena Vránová (Twitter) is Co-Founder and ex-CEO at SatoshiLabs. A talented business developer and an ardent Bitcoin supporter, Alena has decided to step down and leave the company for a new challenge in January 2017. Her new projects remain crypto and Trezor-related and her relationship with SatoshiLabs remains friendly and warm.


SatoshiLabs is, and always has been, community-driven, with tens of thousands of ardent fans. Its products, such as Trezor, have been audited and widely endorsed by independent security experts and ethical hackers (for more information, see this blog post).

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Trezor hardware wallet[edit]

The flagship project of the company is Trezor, the world's first cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

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Other projects include Coinmap, the most visited map showing businesses accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

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