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Trezor Wiki/Security/ User data

SatoshiLabs has always had a strict policy in handling customers' data. Generally, SatoshiLabs does not store any data about its users' devices, activity or personal data.

See also Security:Security philosophy

Trezor device[edit]

SatoshiLabs does not track any of its devices so the device and all of its hardware is never connected to the user and completely interchangeable.

Trezor device packaging barcode[edit]

Trezor device packaging has a barcode on its backside (for Trezor Model T down on the bottom of the package). This barcode is specific for the product and is usually only relevant for warehouses and customs offices.

Trezor device packaging QR code[edit]

QR code on the side of packaging is unique, it specifies the origin of the device included in package (batch number, day of manufacturing). In other words, it only provides information about distribution channels. QR code is not connected to device by any mean and after unboxing it can not be tied to any device or user.

Orders and privacy policy[edit]

SatoshiLabs intentionally damages order data - name, address and telephone number.

See also Privacy policy

Trezor Wallet[edit]

Trezor Wallet does not log any data.

Unique ID[edit]

Trezor Wallet generates a unique ID which is shown in URL address after Trezor device is connected in Trezor Wallet. This ID provides a unique identifier so JavaScript can address more than one otherwise completely equivalent devices. This ID is regenerated on every Trezor initialization, so it can not be tied to a person and it is not shared via any servers.

Trezor Beta Wallet[edit]

Trezor Beta Wallet might be collecting anonymized usage data, especially error logs, for development purposes.

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