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Trezor Bridge is an application that facilitates communication between the Trezor device and supported browsers.

Trezor Bridge is a program designed to run in the background and requires no interaction.

When properly installed, you will be able to find the trezord process running in the background.

NoteAfter you install Trezor Bridge with Firefox for the first time, restart your browser. Without restarting, the browser might not be able to recognize your Trezor device.

Upgrading Trezor Bridge[edit]

You can upgrade to the latest version of Trezor Bridge directly here. When there, click onDownload latest Bridge.

Bridge popup white.png

Alternatively, check the GitHub repository.

NoteWhen using the desktop version of Trezor Suite it will connect to the Bridge automatically. If that fails, Trezor Suite will run it's own copy of Trezor Bridge.

Viewing Trezor Bridge status[edit]

To see the Trezor Bridge status, see the Trezor Bridge status page.

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