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Trezor Wiki/Glossary/Development/Changelogs/ Trezor Core changelog

Trezor Core changelog lists all the important updates of Trezor Core - source code for the 2nd generation of Trezor.

See also GitHub page

Version 2.0.7

  • stable release, optional update
  • Bitcoin Cash cashaddr support
  • Zcash Overwinter hardfork support
  • NEM support
  • Lisk support
  • Show warning on home screen if PIN is not set
  • Support for new coins:

- Bitcoin Private, Fujicoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcoin

  • Support for new Ethereum networks:

- EOS Classic, Ethereum Social, Ellaism, Callisto, EtherGem, Wanchain

  • Support for 500+ new Ethereum tokens

Version 2.0.6

  • stable release, optional update
  • fix layout for Ethereum transactions
  • fix public key generation for SSH and GPG
  • add special characters to passphrase keyboard

Version 2.0.5

  • stable release, required update
  • first public release
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