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Wallet changelog is a log of all notable changes made to the Trezor Wallet software.

Version overview[edit]

Release 15.0: June 2017[edit]

  • Working "Enter" on remember/forget device
  • Change in responsiveness of send dialog (scrolling, resizing)
  • The logo to left doesn't move when resizing window
  • Modals move correctly when resizing window
  • Don't allow more than 9 numbers during pin
  • "Save password" no longer appearing after passphrase
  • CSV export
  • Refactoring of rates loading
  • Added Chinese, Italian and Indonesian language

Release 16.6: November 2017[edit]

  • New send formular
  • Rates at altcoins
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Firmware 1.6.0
  • Warning about supported browsers

Release 16.7: December 2017[edit]

  • On the Receive tab for showing a new address is a must for device control (if device is not connected → warning, can be skipped)
  • Dropbox API v2 implemented

Release 16.8: December 2017[edit]

  • Address integrity checks
  • "Show on device” adjustments
  • Warning about Caps Lock in passphrase dialog
  • Disabled address suggest in Send tab
  • In cases of inserting 2 PINs (onboarding, recovery, change pin) and second PIN is different, modal with the PIN guide video is showing
  • Better design "Show on device" for address control in Receive tab

Release 16.9: January 2018[edit]

  • Address integrity checks
  • Fixed situation with the same Trezor in multiple tabs and enabled/disabled passphrase calling 'inconsistent state error'
  • Improved performance of integrity checks when loading accounts
  • MyEtherWallet modal
  • Link to the exchange rates added in footer
  • Fixed broken QR scanner in Send tab

Release 16.11: February 2018[edit]

  • Trezor Bridge v. 2.0.6 integration

Release 17.0: February 2018[edit]

  • Changes in the design (Landing page, More intuitive switch between coins, Modals, Alerts,...)
  • New UI for firmware installation process
  • During Trezor initialisation is not mandatory the seed backup and PIN setup
  • For backup, PIN, Label name and Subscribe mail (mail can be skipped) is “Improve security” widget showing till user set up the backup
  • Bech32 address support
  • In the transaction history when you move over the time of the transaction, a tooltip shows the number of confirmations
  • All favicons and Trezor logos are corresponding to official ones
  • Firmware pringerprint is showing in the wallet with capital letters as on the device

Release 17.1: February 2018[edit]

  • Minor changes in the design and menu layout
  • PIN modal was enabling to set more than 9 symbols

Release 17.1.1 February 2018[edit]

  • Corrected detection for optional update of Bridge 2 and alert bar in the upper part of the wallet added
  • Bridge 2 update alert bar is displayed on the landing page too

Release 18.2 April 2018[edit]

  • Webcam QR scanner uses front-facing camera instead of back-facing one
  • Advanced recovery - adjusting the PIN matrix in web interface
  • Check Seed feature (dry run)
  • Alertbar changes
  • Enable home screen editor for Trezor T
  • Warn before displaying receiving address if the seed is not backed up
  • Go to first account ASAP after recovery
  • Bridge installer screen changes
  • Add link to bridge installer screen to loading page
  • Add link to NEM Nano Wallet
  • Unlimited passphrase length for T2

Release 18.2.1 April 2018[edit]

  • Add extension deprecation warning
  • Disable the newsletter subscription step in onboarding widget (for trezor one)
  • Add MyCrypto as external wallet

Release 19.0 June 2018[edit]

  • Transaction table improvements - export do PDF, export as filtered, added clear button for filter tx
  • CSV export update
  • Disable non ASCII in TREZOR name
  • Added new logo for TREZOR pictures
  • Updated translations
  • T2 Homescreen transparency
  • Fiat currency API update → Coinmarketcap API (Hotfix 17.2.3) for disabled Fixit API → refactored API functions

Release 19.1 June 2018[edit]

  • Better warning has been added for firmware update (After 1.6.2 firmware update devices with 1.6.1 firmware were wiped (bootloader 1.4.0 → 1.5.0)

Release 19.2 July 2018[edit]

  • Dropbox labeling

Release 19.4 July 2018[edit]

  • Translation update (CZ, EN, FR, GER, ESP)

Release 19.5 July 2018[edit]

  • Translation updates (GER, RU, JAP, KOR, CHI)
  • Dropbox security issue fix - prevent xss attack via dropbox request url
  • Doge coin warning added – transactions exceeding the limit of 90 million DOGE
  • Bridge update warning modified

Release 19.6 August 2018[edit]

  • Dry run link during firmware update (1.6.1 to 1.6.2) fixed
  • The example is CSV import still displays USD fixed

Release 19.7 August 2018[edit]

  • Dash zero fee transaction fixed

Release 19.8 August 2018[edit]

  • Added command to run wallet locally in prod mode
  • Webpack refactor & update

Release 19.9 September 2018[edit]

  • Small bug fixes

Release 20.0 October 2018[edit]

  • Exchanges - Feature/exchanges dev rebase
  • Small bug fixes

Release 20.1 October 2018[edit]

  • New ETH/ETC modals
  • Add Namecoin
  • Bridge: bump to 2.0.24
  • Small bug fixes

Release 20.2 November 2018[edit]

  • Zcash: Sapling hardfork support
  • Exchanges - Coinmama

Release 23 November 2018[edit]

  • Coinswitch exchange
  • Small bug fixes
  • Add DigiByte (DGB) to wallet

Release 24 November 2018[edit]

  • Update the latest bridge to 2.0.25
  • Exchanges/BuyCrypto - Add CoinMate to BuyViaCard
  • Replace Coinmarketcap to Coingecko in footer
  • Small bug fixes

Release 25 November 2018[edit]

  • Small bug fixes
  • Firmware update failed - sometimes wallet wants to load firmware for T1 onto TT device and vice versa
  • Fw update: improve logic when fw not present

Release 26 November 2018[edit]

  • Zcash firmware fix - unusable for firmware lower than 1.7.1 for T1 and 2.0.8 for TT
  • ETH/ETC modal should differ on stable and on beta

Release 27 November 2018[edit]

  • Links update

Release 28 November 2018[edit]

  • Bitcoin Cash info box update

Release 29 November 2018[edit]

  • Firmware 2.0.10 (stable/beta)
  • Info box update
  • External wallets: xlm, ada
  • Add new coins to wallet (ADA, XLM)
  • updates: Dropbox, Onboarding, E-mail subscription for T1

Release 30.0 December 2018[edit]

  • Exchange: ChangeNOW added
  • Welcoming screen redesign
  • Small bug fixes
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