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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Claiming cryptocurrency after coin split

Note Please see our latest blog regarding the latest BCH hard fork.

Trezor developed claiming tools for users who wish to claim Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold.

The tools can be used by users who owned Bitcoin on addresses when these hard forks happened (1 August 2017, block #478559 for Bitcoin Cash and 24 October 2017, block #491407 for Bitcoin Gold).

Note Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold are entirely independent and separate cryptocurrencies. A transaction sent on one chain will not affect the other ones. This applies to the claiming tool as well. By using the tools to claim Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold, your bitcoins are not affected.

Claiming cryptocurrency after a coin split with Trezor[edit]

1. Connect your Trezor device.

2. Go to BCH claiming tool to claim your Bitcoin Cash or to BTG claiming tool to claim your Bitcoin Gold.

3. Click on "Connect with Trezor." Enter your PIN and/or Passphrase if asked.


4. Choose the account from which you want to claim your BCH/BTG, and set the Target address.

Note If you want to use a third-party bitcoin cash address, please use the address converter to convert the address from cashaddr to legacy format. Our claiming tool requires the bitcoin cash address to be in legacy format.

Please verify the converted cashaddr by clicking on the eye icon and checking the address on your Trezor device. Set the amount and fee.


5. Click on the "Claim" button.

6. Confirm claiming on the Trezor device.


7. Repeat for other accounts.

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