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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Emergency situations

The purpose of this article is to help the user combat and navigate through unexpected circumstances which threaten the safety and accessibility of their accounts.

Issues described in this article are mostly preventable and easily manageable by following the guidelines described in Security Best Pratices.

Use the table of contents displayed below to navigate towards the section which most accurately describes your situation.

You have lost access to your accounts[edit]

This section of the article assumes your device has been lost, misplaced, or stolen.

You have lost your Trezor device[edit]

In case you lose your device, the safest option is to get a new Trezor device and use the recovery seed to recover your Trezor Wallet.

Your recovery seed is available[edit]

Use your spare Trezor device to recover your seed. If you do not have another Trezor device available, consider buying one and use it to recover your accounts.

If you do not have a spare Trezor device available and you need immediate access to your accounts, use a compatible third-party app and export your recovery seed.

WarningRecovering your seed using third-party applications and online services can get your recovery seed compromised. Consider this to be a last resort in your efforts!

Your recovery seed is not available[edit]

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore access to your accounts if you have lost all records of your recovery seed. You can look at the list of all possible words and try to remember (this would probably only help if you used to know your seed by memory). The list is freely available on GitHub.

ImportantSatoshiLabs does not maintain any record of recovery seeds used in Trezor devices. There is no central authority to help you reclaim your funds.

You have forgotten or lost your PIN[edit]

You can always reset your PIN by wiping the device and recovering it using your recovery seed. See Wiping the Trezor device for detailed instructions.

You have forgotten or lost your passphrase[edit]

Similar to the loss of your recovery seed, this is also an unfortunately irreversible circumstance. Nobody can help you access passphrase protected accounts.

You have lost your recovery seed[edit]

Your recovery seed is the essential record of your Trezor device. Without the recovery seed, you will not be able to recover your Trezor Wallet in the event that your Trezor device is wiped out, lost, or damaged. You should never update your Trezor device's firmware without your recovery seed.

See A few tips on storing your recovery seed

You have one Trezor device available with access to your accounts[edit]

If you lost your recovery seed, but still have access to your Trezor Wallet, you should move your funds elsewhere immediately. You can then wipe the Trezor device and create a new Trezor Wallet with a new recovery seed.

It is recommended to have a spare Trezor device for situations like these. If you have time to do so, order the second Trezor device from Trezor shop. When your new device arrives, continue with the steps outlined in You have multiple Trezor devices available

If there is a time constraint, consider taking these steps:

  1. Send your cryptocurrencies to a third-party compatible wallet.
  2. Wipe the device.
  3. Initialize your device again. Continue with creating the back-up for this wallet by carefully writing down the recovery seed offline.
  4. Generate the necessary receiving address(es).
  5. Transfer the cryptocurrencies from the third-party wallets to your newly backed-up Trezor wallet.

WarningBy sending your cryptocurrencies elsewhere, you are exposing your coins to a potentially dangerous environment.

You have multiple Trezor devices available[edit]

In this scenario, you should be able to transfer your cryptocurrencies to addresses generated by your other device. Get a hold of your second device and proceed with the steps outlined below:

Skip the first step if you wish to use the already initialized Trezor (with existing and backed-up accounts).

  1. Initialize your other device. Continue creating the back-up for this wallet by carefully writing down the recovery seed offline.
  2. Generate the necessary receiving address(es) and write it and/or them down.
  3. Transfer the cryptocurrencies from the device with the original recovery seed into the other device.
  4. Wipe the original device, and use it to generate a new seed.

You do not have a Trezor device[edit]

There is no way to gain access to your accounts if you lost all of your devices and all records of your seed.

You have sent a transaction to a different blockchain[edit]

It is crucially important to only send coins to addresses generated for that particular coin type. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash transactions are recoverable under certain circumstances.

See Coin recovery tool for more information and detailed instructions.

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