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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Recovering funds sent to a different cryptocurrency address

Be careful not to send funds from one cryptocurrency address to an address that belongs to a different cryptocurrency by mistake. For example, you could send your bitcoins to a Bitcoin Cash address by accident.

For some of these situations, you can use a specialized tool, which allows you to recover your lost funds.

To use the tool, click here.

ImportantPlease double check the addresses when sending or receiving transactions, as you may lose your funds forever. This tool can only be used in limited cases.

List of all recoverable transactions[edit]

  • bitcoins sent to a Bitcoin Cash 1-address
  • bitcoins sent to a Litecoin 3-address
  • bitcoins sent to a wrongly generated Bitcoin 1-address (XPUB)
  • bitcoin cash sent to a Bitcoin 1-address
  • litecoins sent to a Bitcoin 3-address
  • litecoins sent to a Bitcoin M-address

NoteIt is also possible to recover ethers wrongly sent to an Ethereum Classic address and vice versa. For more information, please read this blog article.

See also this blog article.

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