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The purpose of this article is to describe the process of advanced recovery and how to carry it out.

NoteThe "Advanced recovery" only applies to Trezor One. For Trezor Model T, the recovery process is restricted to on-device input by default.

In contrast with the standard recovery process, the advanced recovery completely hides the words entered. Instead of writing whole words in a shuffled order, the user inputs individual letters on the PIN pad. The connected computer never knows what letter is being entered, as the layout of the PIN pad continually changes.

Advanced Recovery process[edit]

Using the advanced recovery will require more time compared to the standard recovery method.

  • Start by plugging your uninitialized or wiped (see Wiping) Trezor into your computer. Navigate to and select Recover wallet.
  • Select the length of your recovery seed. Do not forget to check the Advanced recovery checkbox.
  • Input the individual letters that the seed word contains. On your computer screen, you will see a PIN pad, just like the one you use to enter your PIN.
  • The Trezor device screen shows a virtual keyboard composed of nine buttons, each assigned to one, two or even three letters. Choose the letter by clicking on the corresponding button on your computer. The layout of the letters changes with every input.
  • You have to type the first four letters for each word. Each letter needs to be selected individually. For instance, let’s say our first word is “heavy”. You would have to click on the following sequence of button: H-L >> HA-HE >> HEA >> heavy.
User-manual advrec4.jpeg

Note After the third letter, there is not much left to choose from. BIP39 wordlist was deliberately made so that there are no words with the same combination of four letters. Having chosen three, there are only a few options left.

Note To fit all the letters into a 9-key layout, "-" is used to mark a sequence of letters. E.g. the letters J and K are included under H-L.

  • Now repeat the same process for the next 23 words to finish the advanced recovery process.

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