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This tutorial will guide you through creating your custom on the Ethereum blockchain. The steps outlined below detail the process using "MetaMask-native" wallet, putting the emphasis on the convenience of the process.

Try the process using the Test network first. Once you are confident, follow the steps using the main Ethereum network (instead of Ropsten).

How to create Ropsten (testnet) ERC20 tokens using Metamask and Remix[edit]

1. Add Metamask to Chrome

ERC20 1.png

2. Create a MetaMask account (or recover old one)

ERC20 4v2.png

3. In Metamask, in the top right corner, switch to Ropsten Test Network

ERC20 6.png

4. Request some ether (deposit) from the faucet

5. Go to and select "Solidity."

ERC20 11.png

6. Select New file and click on OK

ERC20 13.png

7. Paste the code template from Szymon Lesisz's Github into the newly created file

ERC20 14.png

8. Go to "Compiler" (3rd button on the left), select Compiler (0.55.11) and compile your file

ERC20 15.png

9. Go to "Deploy" (4th button on the left)

ERC20 17.png

10. Set "Environment" to "injected web3" (connect Remix with MetaMask), your MetaMask account should be visible in "account" field

11. Set proper contract name "Token - browser/<yourfile>.sol (below "gaslimit" and "value")

ERC20 21.png

12. Click on the arrow on the right side of "Deploy."

ERC20 22.png

13. Fill contract params (name, symbol, decimals, total supply) and click on "Transact."

ERC20 23.png

15. Confirm transaction in MetaMask

ERC20 24.png

16. After the transaction is mined successfully, your token will gain its own address (link to explorer will be visible in both Remix and Metamask).

17. Open MetaMask account details.

ERC20 28.png

18. "Add token" > "Custom token" > paste the token contract address (rest of the params should be loaded automatically).

19. Your token and your balance should be visible in your metamask account.

ERC20 33.png

20. Now you can send your token to an Ethereum address secured by your Trezor.

Publish your code[edit]

1. Validate your token source code on explorer<contract-addres>

2. Select the "Contract" tab, click verify.

ERC20 34.png

3. Select values (the compiler should be set to the same version as in Remix, licence, etc.).

ERC20 35.png

4. Paste token source code (from Remix/gist).

ERC20 36.png
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