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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Creating a wallet with Shamir Backup

This article aims to provide a simple step-by-step manual for creating a new wallet utilizing the Shamir backup feature.

For detailed information about this method of securing your wallet, see Shamir Backup.

NoteThe Shamir backup feature is currently available only for Trezor Model T.

Important remarks before you start[edit]

  • You will be presented with sequences of random 20 or 33 English words, each displayed on the screen of your device. These words will never be shown on your computer screen. Do not use backups offered to you by your computer.
  • The word-sequences are referred to as "recovery shares". If used correctly, the recovery shares can later be used to recover a wallet in case of theft, loss, or destruction of the Trezor device.
  • Keep the recovery shares written offline. Do not take pictures of your recovery shares, do not make digital copies of your recovery shares, and never upload them online.

Use paper or other more suitable platforms to keep your recovery shares offline. You can print and use the Shamir Backup Shares Sheet to make the writing process more convenient and organized.

  • The recovery shares will only be presented once and then never again. It is not possible to have the device show the words ever again. Pay close attention to every word and make sure you write them down correctly and in the right order.

The process outlined in the steps below can be found illustrated and narrated in the following video:

1. Getting started[edit]

Visit the Trezor Beta Wallet and connect your Trezor Model T device.


To generate a new wallet, click on Create wallet.


Select the type of wallet you wish to create. You are offered two options:

  • Single Backup, which will generate a single recovery seed represented by a sequence of 12, 18, or 24 words.
  • Shamir Backup, a feature using multiple recovery shares. For the purposes of this article, click onCreate with Shamir Backup.

NoteTrezor Wallet will automatically initiate your device with Shamir backup using 20-word shares (128bit strength). To initialize your device using 33-word shares (256bit strength), see the Trezor command-line interface#Initialize_device.

Read the disclaimer and confirm that you know what you are doing. Not sure yet? Visit the main Shamir Backup page and take your time to gain some understanding of the feature before continuing.

ImportantDo you have any additional questions or concerns before you start? Do not hesitate to reach out to the Trezor Support Team via the Support Center

2. Backing up the wallet[edit]

Continue the process using the touchscreen on your Trezor device.

Read the Terms of Service and confirm that you wish to generate a new wallet with Shamir Backup by tapping the green checkmark button


Tap the greenBack upbutton to create a backup for your wallet now. You can also skip the process, use the wallet and return later. Be aware that you will only have a chance to back up your wallet once.


You are presented with a checklist of steps you will go through. Tap the greenContinuebutton to continue.


You can generate from 1 up to 16 shares. Each recovery share will consist of [English words].

Set the preferred number of shares and tap theContinuebutton to continue.


Set the threshold required to recover the wallet from your shares.

The maximum threshold is the total number of generated shares (e.g., 5 of 5 or 16 of 16). Any of the generated shares can be used to fulfill the threshold.


Set the threshold and tap onContinue.


Confirm that you understand that you should never make a digital copy of your recovery shares and never upload them online by tapping onI understand.

Tap onContinueto show the first recovery share.


The device now presents the words of your first recovery share. Write down the words **in the presented order** and swipe to see the next few words. When you are done writing down the words,hold to confirm.

The device will ask you to select three words from your share to help you make sure you wrote them down correctly.

If your check went OK, you will see a confirmation screen on the device. TapContinueto continue.


Continue until you have all shares written down and checked.


After you write all your shares down, you will be presented with a confirmation screen. Finally, tap onContinueto finish backing up your wallet.


You are done! Good job!

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