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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Displaying account public key (XPUB)

This article provides instructions on how to display the account public key in Trezor Wallet.

In some cases, you might need to display the account public key (XPUB) for your Trezor account. The XPUB can be used to generate watch-only wallets in third-party services (see Apps).

To see the XPUB of your account in Trezor Wallet, plug in your Trezor and go to Click on the name of your device and go to the Basic tab. Click on Show XPUB.

Wallet Show XPUBs dark.png

Trezor Wallet should now display your XPUB both as a QR code and as text. If you use multiple accounts, click on the relevant XPUB to show its QR code. Scan it into an application that supports XPUBs. Then, you can watch your transactions and receive payments everywhere without carrying your Trezor.

WarningBe careful with your account public keys (XPUBs). When you expose these to a third party, you allow them to see your entire transaction history.

Wallet XPUBs Bitcoin dark.png
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