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The dry-run recovery is a useful way to test your recovery seed. It is recommended to test your seed before you wipe the Trezor device or before every firmware update. It allows you to double check that your recovery seed backup is correct.

By starting the verification process, you are telling the device that you want to run the recovery process, but you do not want the device to remember the seed. Instead, in the end, the device compares the seed saved in its storage and the seed you have just “recovered,” and the result of this comparison is sent to the Wallet interface. If the seeds match, a message on your Trezor device screen will tell you your backup is okay. If it is not the same, then the device screen will show you an error.

ImportantThe warnings shown on the device during this process are related to a full recovery. If you are running a dry-run, you can ignore the warnings related to the recovery process.

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Dry-run recovery manual[edit]

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your Trezor device name in the top-left corner and go to the Advanced tab (see Advanced settings).
  3. Go to the Check recovery seed section and click on Check recovery seed.

Dry-run recovery upd.png

  1. Select the number of words in your recovery seed and click on Continue.
  2. Follow the instructions on your computer screen and your Trezor device.

NoteThe dry-run is precisely the same as the normal recovery process. You can use the standard shuffled entry on the computer, or use the Advanced recovery. Trezor Model T users will enter the seed words on the device display.

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