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This article describes how to use the Exchange tab in Trezor Wallet to exchange cryptocurrencies. The exchange is an integration of services by Changelly, ChangeNOW, CoinSwitch, ChangeHero, Fox.Exchange, and MorphToken.

Read more about this feature in our blog posts "#FeatureFriday-Exchanges" and "You won’t need to look for an exchange anymore. It is in your Trezor Wallet."

ImportantBefore using the services of the integrated exchanges, be sure to know their terms and conditions. Businesses integrated into the Exchange panel might require some form of personal identification to comply with AML/KYC regulations.

A step-by-step manual[edit]

To exchange your funds, please follow the steps below. In this manual, we will exchange bitcoins for litecoins.

1. Connect to and find the coins you wish to trade[edit]

  • Select the right account (if you have multiple)
  • Find Exchange tab in the top-right part of the interface and click on it.
Wallet Exchange1 22112019.png

WarningDo not select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. For example, if you want to exchange your litecoins for bitcoins, select Litecoin as your default cryptocurrency.

2. Set up your trade[edit]

  • Set the amount you wish to sell in the first field located at the top.
  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy (in this example, Litecoin) and the receiving account (a Trezor address or an external address).
  • Set the fee for the transaction. This is an independent network fee paid to get your transaction to the exchange. The fee may vary depending on the network traffic congestion at the moment.
Wallet Exchange2 22112019.png

3. Pick the exchange[edit]

  • Select the best offer from the list of exchanges below. Click onContinuenext to the exchange of your preference.
Wallet Exchange3 22112019.png
  • Select one of your Trezor Accounts or use a custom address to receive your traded coins.
  • Verify the address on your device.

  • Click onConfirm trade

WarningUsing wrong address might lead to a permanent loss of funds. Be sure to use an address corresponsing with the "coin type", i.e., only send bitcoins to bitcoin addresses, litecoins to litecoin addresses and so on.

4. Execute the trade[edit]

  • Take a moment to double-check the details of your trade.
  • Triple-check. Seriously!
  • Confirm the action on your device.

5. Enjoy![edit]

The trade is now in progress. It might take a while to confirm.

Coins to exchange[edit]

It is possible to buy the following cryptocurrencies with Trezor exchange:

Since the Exchange uses third-party services, SatoshiLabs bears no responsibility whatsoever for any potential issues or losses incurred while using these services.

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