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Trezor Wiki/User/User manual/ Filling out your recovery card

Your seed is a secret list of words that you will use to recover your money in case you ever lose your Trezor.

Now you should take out the recovery card which came with your Trezor and fill out the blanks with the words you see on the screen.

NoteTrezor One generates a 24-word seed by default. However, Trezor T is backed up by a simple 12-word recovery seed, which is also compatible with the common standards for HD wallets (BIP32/39/44).

Seed card example.jpg

With Trezor One, go to the next word by simply pressing the right button on the device. With Trezor T, swipe up on the touchscreen to see the next set of words.

Once you have written down all the secret words, you will be asked to re-confirm that they are written down correctly. Trezor One will let you go through all the 24 words again, so you can carefully check them against your recovery card. On the contrary, Trezor T will ask you to complete random words from your 12-word seed on the touchscreen.

Once finished, you're ready to start using your Trezor device!

NoteDo not disconnect your Trezor device during the backup process.

HintYou can print more recovery cards - Recovery card for Trezor Model T, Recovery card for Trezor One and store them at different physical locations.

Now that your recovery seed is safe and sound on your recovery card, you can continue to Basic Settings.

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