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The purpose of this article is to introduce the Trezor Wallet and its basic functions. The specific functionalities are explained in more detail in individual articles of the User manual.

Switching cryptocurrencies[edit]


You can select the cryptocurrency that you want to work with by clicking on the cryptocurrency selector in the top left corner of the screen. Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet with its own accounts and addresses that are not mutually compatible.

WarningMake sure that you are working with the right cryptocurrency, especially when sending or receiving transactions. Sending funds to the address of a different cryptocurrency can lead to a permanent loss of funds. For example, it is not possible to send bitcoins to a Bitcoin Cash address and vice versa.

Selecting your device[edit]


You can select the device you want to use in the portion of the screen just below the name of your selected cryptocurrency. You can switch between multiple Trezor devices, if you want to use them at the same time. Always be sure that you are working with the right device.

By clicking on the device name, you can access its basic settings, homescreen settings (see Homescreen) and its advanced settings (see Advanced settings).

Selecting your account[edit]


In this portion of the screen, you can select the account that you want to work with. You can use multiple accounts at the same time and add new ones, if needed. See also Using multiple accounts.

WarningAlways make sure that the right account is selected. All the transactions and payments that you might do in Trezor Wallet during a session are always linked to the selected account.

Account tabs[edit]


After selecting your cryptocurrency, device, and account, you can access the following tabs:

  • Transactions: This tab allows you to track the transaction history of the selected account. The transaction history is displayed in the central part of the screen (see also Transaction details).
  • Receive: This tab allows you to generate receiving addresses for the selected account. See also Receiving payments.
  • Send: This tab allows you to send funds to different addresses. See also Making payments.
  • Sign & Verify: This tab allows you to sign and verify messages. See also Signing and verifying messages.

Wallet settings, Labeling, Tips, and Support[edit]


This part of the Trezor Wallet screen allows you to access the following:

  • Wallet settings: This section allows you to set some features of the interface, such as fiat currencies to be displayed, cryptocurrency to work with, Bitcore server URL, and URL for your blockchain explorer of choice.
  • Enable Labeling: See Labeling.
  • Get tips: Displays some useful tips for using Trezor Wallet.
  • Support center: Redirects you to Trezor Support Center.
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