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The purpose of this guide is to help you to recover your wallet on your Trezor device. This page applies to Trezor One (show for Trezor Model T).

Recovery refers to the process of using a recovery seed to restore and enable access to already existing accounts.

WarningMalicious websites masquerading as the official Trezor Wallet might ask you to enter your recovery seed in your browser in the order specified by the website.

Do not enter your recovery seeds anywhere unless the physical Trezor device instructs you to do so and you confirm your choice on your Trezor. Always trust only the instructions on your Trezor device.

Preparing your Trezor for recovery[edit]

My Trezor is new and/or empty[edit]

Your Trezor is ready for you to restore your wallet using your recovery seed. Skip to Recovery process.

My Trezor is initialized[edit]

If you lost your PIN and need access to your accounts, or if you wish to load a different seed onto your device, you will need to wipe the memory of your Trezor. See Wiping the Trezor device for detailed instructions.

Recovery process[edit]

Be sure to have your Trezor connected to a computer or other compatible device and visit Trezor Wallet in your browser.

Wallet initializing device.png

If your Trezor is not initialized, an option to either create a new wallet or recover an existing one is presented. If the device has already been initialized and you would like to recover a different seed, return to the Preparing your Trezor for recovery section above.

T1 recovery multi.png

1. Click on the Recover wallet button and prepare to enter your recovery seed.

2. Select the corresponding number of words in your seed Trezor is capable of recovering 12, 18, and 24-word-long seeds.

3. Enter the individual words of your seed in your browser, following the instructions displayed on the Trezor screen.

The order of the words entered in your browser is randomly shuffled by your Trezor to protect your seed against malware that could potentially capture all your inputs.

Make sure you are not misspelling your seed words. For more information, please see Commonly misspelled recovery seed words.

WarningNever enter your seed online in a straight start-to-end sequence as written in your Recovery seed card! Enter the words in a random order as instructed by your device. Never disclose the order in your browser.

You can achieve the security level of Trezor Model T by choosing to do the Advanced Recovery. This method allows you to use the buttons on your Trezor to enter the inputs directly on the device, effectively circumventing all risky communication with your computer.

Once you have successfully recovered your wallet, continue the setup by enabling basic security features and customizing your experience.

ImportantIf you use a passphrase, you will need to re-enable it after recovering your Trezor. Use the same passphrase to access your wallet.

See also: User manual:Dry-run recovery

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