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The Trezor Spend feature of Trezor Wallet provides an interface for buying gift cards and vouchers that can be used to pay for popular services. You can browse all available options in the catalog of the service provider, Bitrefill.

The feature is currently available as a subset of the Sell functionality.

ImportantSatoshiLabs does not directly facilitate exchanging your cryptocurrencies for services or national currencies. The service providers integrated into the Sell panel are third-parties.

Before using the services of the integrated partners, be sure to know their terms and conditions. Businesses integrated into the Sell panel may require some form of personal identification to comply with AML/KYC regulations.

1. Find the Sell tab in Trezor Wallet[edit]

Visit Trezor Wallet and connect your Trezor device. Once connected and unlocked, find the Sell tab in the upper part of the interface.

Wallet Spend 1a.png

2. Set up your purchase[edit]

In the selection panel, click on Buy voucher for crypto. If you wish to trade your coins for EUR and receive the funds to your bank account instead, refer to Sell, where you can explore other options.

NoteTo show any options and offers, the Sell feature requires a positive balance in your account.

As soon as you click on Buy voucher for crypto, a catalog of services should appear, opening a window in the center of the interface.

To browse the catalog effectively, you can use the filters and the search bar at the top. Filter by type of voucher, region, or sort the offers either alphabetically or by popularity.

Wallet Spend 2.png

Select the preferred service and set up your purchase. Most services let you purchase a preselected voucher or choose a custom amount (minimum and maximum limits may vary).

When you decide on the amount to purchase, use the Add to cart button to add your purchase to your Bitrefill cart. You can modify the amount by using the minus and plus symbols on the sides of the button.

After adding an item to your cart, you can either proceed to checkout or keep shopping and pay later.

3. Buy the voucher[edit]

Bitrefill needs your e-mail address to deliver your voucher and keep you up to date with your purchase. Enter the e-mail address and carefully review the amount to be used for this transaction.

When you are ready to pay for the vouchers, click on the blue Pay button.

At this stage, the Trezor Wallet interface prepares a transaction and sends the request to your Trezor device.

Compare and review the transaction details in your browser with those on the screen of your Trezor device. If everything is correct, confirm the transaction by tapping the greenbutton.

Bitrefill now processes your transactions and notifies you via e-mail. The processing usually takes just a few minutes, but the period may momentarily vary depending on the traffic on the Bitcoin network.

Experiencing complications?[edit]

Wallet Spend 8 fail.png

If the purchase fails, you can immediately request a refund or let the service retry delivering the voucher to you.

When you choose to request a refund, you will be presented with a form where you insert the Bitcoin address. Notification of any problems with delivery is also sent to your e-mail address, together with a link to the refund form.

If you sent the transaction, money has left your wallet account, yet there is a problem with the voucher, contact the Bitrefill Customer service via Bitrefill Contact form.

If the Trezor Wallet interface or device fails to send the transaction to pay for your voucher, reach out to the Trezor Customer Support via Trezor Help center.

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