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To boost your online security, you can use your Trezor device to log in using U2F standards. You can start using Trezor as your second-factor authentication token with services such as Google, GitHub or Dropbox. A further advantage of Trezor is that its users can truly verify what they are about to authorize on the device display.

NoteFor a list of websites and services supporting U2F, see

How to set up Trezor as a U2F key[edit]

NoteIt is not possible to use multiple devices with the same recovery seed for U2F if the service has a counter mechanism in place.

In this short tutorial, we use Dropbox as an example. However, all services should have a similar setup procedure.

  1. In the Security tab of Settings, click on Add to set up Trezor as your U2F Security Key.
  1. Plug in your Trezor.
  1. Wait for the prompt on your Trezor
  1. Confirm the action on your Trezor device after checking.
  1. Done! You can start using Trezor to log in to Dropbox in addition to your password.
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