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The purpose of this guide is to help the user to update the Trezor device firmware. This page applies to Trezor Model T (show for Trezor One).

Updating the device firmware is often the only way to expand the functionality of your Trezor, to apply new security measures, and to enable newly developed features.

When a new firmware version is released, Trezor Wallet will display an easily noticeable bar in the upper part of the wallet interface.

Wallet New firmware available.png

Clicking the Show details button allows you to review the changes brought with the update and displays instructions asking you to connect the device in bootloader mode.

To check your current firmware version, enter bootloader mode (see below) or go to the Advanced settings in Trezor Wallet. To see the firmware changelog, see Trezor firmware changelog.

1. Entering bootloader mode[edit]

Start swiping your finger across the touchscreen and plug in the USB cable while continuously touching the screen and moving your finger back and forth (or in circles). To enter the bootloader mode, the touchscreen has to register touch while booting the device.

Once connected in bootloader mode, confirm the connection by tapping the green checkmark. You can see the process illustrated in this short video.

2. Updating the firmware[edit]

ImportantBefore the firmware update, make sure to have your recovery seed available in case you need to immediately recover your wallet. Some firmware updates delete the memory of your device. You can check the validity of your seed at any time by doing the Dry-run recovery

When in bootloader mode, you can choose to either update the firmware or reset the device completely. Read the instructions and warnings carefully and check the relevant box to enable theUpdate my devicebutton. Confirm the update on your device and let the Trezor update the firmware.

ImportantYour Trezor will wipe itself if the device loses connection while loading the new firmware. This can sometimes happen due to a faulty or disconnected cable. In such case, reconnect your Trezor and repeat the whole process. Prepare to recover your accounts afterwards.

Let the device load the new firmware. Do not disconnect the device while the firmware is loading.

Do not hesitate to contact us via Support center if you encounter any unexpected behavior, notifications, or warnings during the update process.

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