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This article describes the different options of using the Trezor device with Android.

NoteThis page applies to Trezor Model T (show for Trezor One).

To make payments with Trezor via your phone, it is possible to connect to Trezor Wallet in your browser using WebUSB.

You can also install a third-party application, e.g., Mycelium.

Trezor Wallet with WebUSB[edit]

You can connect to Trezor Wallet directly using WebUSB. Just plug your Trezor in to your Android phone, open Google Chrome, and visit Everything else works just like when using Trezor Wallet on a desktop computer.

NoteConnecting via WebUSB on an Android phone is available for Trezor Model T and for Trezor One starting from firmware 1.7.0.

Trezor with third-party services[edit]

When using an Android mobile device, you can also choose one of the available third-party services, such as Mycelium, Sentinel or Walleth. For more information, see the relevant articles. For more information about third-party services, see Trezor Apps.

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