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This article describes the use of multiple accounts and explains why it might be useful.

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Using multiple accounts[edit]

For each supported cryptocurrency, Trezor can manage multiple accounts. This functionality allows easier tracking of balances and managing your cryptocurrency identity. To enhance the privacy of your transactions, you can use multiple accounts, each with a specific purpose.

Keep in mind that if you frequently send funds between two accounts, it may become clear that you are the owner of both. For this reason, we recommend multiple accounts as an extra privacy feature for more advanced users.

Creating a new account is easy. When in Trezor Wallet, press the + Add account button at the bottom of your accounts list. Now you can work with both accounts. See Labeling for more information about how to efficiently label your accounts.

NoteTo send funds between your accounts, send a transaction from one account using the receiving address of the other. See also Making payments and Receiving payments.

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