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1. Download Zadig USB drivers from

2. Run the Zadig USB Drivers application

3. Connect the Trezor in firmware mode or bootloader mode, depending on which mode is not working and for which you want to install device drivers

4. Go to the Zadig application and select 'Option' from the top menu and then 'List all devices'

5. Select the device listed as 'Unknown Device #1' or something similar

6. To the right of the green arrow, select the driver called 'libusb0 (v1.2.6.0)' from the options

7. Click on the option that will say either 'Install Driver' or 'Replace Driver'

8. Wait until it is done and then close the Zadig Application

9. Unplug the Trezor device and go to the Trezor web wallet

10. Trezor will be recognized

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