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Trezor Wiki/User/FAQ/ Ordering and shipping

Ordering & Shipping FAQ

How to buy a Trezor?[edit]

Trezor Shop (shop.trezor.io) is the #1 place to purchase a Trezor device.

Orders at Trezor Shop are typically processed the same or the next working day after receiving your payment.

To make a purchase:

  1. Select the color of your Trezor and click Add to cart.
  2. Feel free to choose additional accessories when you scroll down the page. The final price including VAT will be shown in a pop-up window on the right side.
  3. Select a country where you would like to ship your order, click on Continue.
  4. If you do not wish to add further accessories, click on Continue and proceed to the next step.
  5. Choose the shipping method you would like to have with your order. There are two options available, Standard shipping and DHL Express shipping.
  6. Once done, click on Continue and fill out your billing and delivery address.
  7. The last step is to choose a payment method and finish your order.

Can I order a Trezor from Amazon?[edit]

Of course, another great place for customers who wish to buy Trezor device is amazon.com. The list of our official resellers can be found here.

How can I pay?[edit]

There are two options for paying in our e-shop. You can pay either with Bitcoin or with a card. We accept VISA and MasterCard (for more information, see gopay.com).

NotePlease do not use exchange withdrawals to pay for the order! We have experienced some issue with such payments, as exchanges often deduct the transaction fee from the withdrawn amount and also process the payments in bulk once per period of time. Therefore, your order can get canceled due to the insufficient amount or because they are paid after the timeout.

My order got canceled, why is that?[edit]

In general, all unpaid orders are automatically canceled after 7 days. Our customers sometimes create more orders at the same time without even noticing it. Please log into your user account at Trezor Shop and check the orders you created. It is possible you have created multiple orders at about the same time and one of them is paid while the other(s) are cancelled. In such case you do not need to worry, your paid order will be shipped and the notification email refers to the other order(s). You can compare the order token in your user account and notification email.

What if you created and paid only one order and it still got canceled? This can happen for various reasons:

Insufficient amount

The service you used to send the payment deducts fees from the final amount (typically exchange services) and we received the insufficient amount. In such case, you need to contact our support and request a refund.

Paid after timeout

Currently, our system accepts payments if received within three hours since the payment request. If the transaction is accepted later, you need to contact our support and request a refund.

Unconfirmed transaction

It can also happen that you have sent the Bitcoin payment transaction with a low transaction fee and it has not been confirmed. Please check the payment and create another order, if necessary.

What is an order token?[edit]

The order token is a string of 30 randomly generated and unique characters serving as an identifier of your order in the shop.trezor.io database. You can use this identifier as a direct reference to your order in communication with our Support Team or the payment gate provider. You can see your order token on the top of the order summary page when first submitting your order.

Can I change my order?[edit]

It is possible to change the order only if its status is "new". If your order was not paid yet, you can create a new order without worries.

What is in the package?[edit]

Trezor Model T comes with a black box where you will find: USB-C cable, Recovery seed cards (2pcs), Getting started booklet and Stickers (4 pcs).

Trezor One package cotnains the following: Trezor device, USB cable, Recovery seed cards (2pcs), Lanyard, Getting started booklet and Stickers (4 pcs).

See also: Unboxing the Trezor device

What are the shipping options?[edit]

DHL Express shipping[edit]

DHL shipping is a professional and fast delivery service. Your order is fully trackable and this information is available at least for 30 days after the package is handed to the DHL courier.This shipping method is not available for Russia.

Delivery time may vary between two to five business days (it may be delayed by the customs procedure).

The package tracking information is available for 90 days.

Standard worldwide shipping[edit]

Standard shipping option is only available in EU countries and Russia. Its traceability is limited.

Delivery time may vary between five days to six weeks depending on your location and your national post service.

Parcel sent via Standard shipping can be traced here until it leaves the country of origin. After that, it can be traced on the website of the postal service in your country, if available.

UPS shipping[edit]

UPS shipping is a professional and fast delivery service that is currently available only for the United Kingdom.

Delivery time may vary between one and three business days (it may be delayed by the customs procedure).

The package tracking information is available for 120 days.

Where can I follow my order (get a tracking number)?[edit]

The tracking ID is available only when the status of your order is “shipped”.

Paid orders are processed within 48 hours during business days, if not stated otherwise by a notice while creating your order (backorder or special situation related to the status of our stock).

Once the order is shipped, you will receive a notification from [email protected] email and then you will be able to see the tracking ID in your e-shop account.

You can track the parcel sent via DHL here. Parcel sent via Standard shipping here. Once it leaves the country of origin, continue to the website of your local postal service.

How do I know when my Trezor is shipped?[edit]

You can follow the status of your order via your Trezor Shop User Profile, which was created after your first order. Once your device is shipped, we will notify you by email.

Can you deliver one order to multiple addresses?[edit]

We cannot split orders already made, however you can create as many orders with different addresses under your Trezor Shop User Profile as you wish.

My package did not arrive yet. What can be the reason?[edit]

As we mentioned before, we never postpone the shipping without prior customer notification. If there is a delay even before the actual shipping, it might be caused by providing insufficient information required by the shipping company. In such case, our Customer Support team should contact you and request the missing information.

After leaving the country of origin, the parcel travels to the foreign country, where it is accepted at customs. This is where most of the delays actually happen. It is unfortunate because the delivery will appear in the customer's post tracking system only after it is released by the customs. For example, we have had one delivery which was held by US customs office for nearly 6six weeks.

In rare cases, when choosing standard shipping, your package may be lost during the transport. It is very unfortunate, but it can happen. In such cases, we consider it as a lost package and we start the investigation process.

How do I recognize my package got lost?[edit]

The investigation can be initiated if your package meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • the package does not leave country of origin according to its tracking within ten days
  • the package does not appear on foreign tracking within 21 days
  • the last update on foreign tracking is older than ten days

How does the investigation work and how long does it take?[edit]

The investigation process takes up to 45 days since your request due to the processing time of the post office in the country of origin. Communication between you and us is essential during the investigation period to keep the information on the delivery status up to date.

I want to start the investigation. What should I do?[edit]

To initiate the investigation process, submit a support ticket at Support Center.

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