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When can I claim a refund?[edit]

Basically, you can claim a refund within 15 days upon the product is delivered to you.

What kind of refund can I claim?[edit]

There are two types of refund depending on the package condition:

  1. Full refund - if you claimed refund in period mentioned above and the package (product box) is unopened
  2. Partial refund - if you claimed refund in period mentioned above, package (product box) is opened and product is fully working

How do I claim a refund?[edit]

The only thing you need to do is to contact support via Support Center to initiate the Refund process. You will receive all the required information by email. You will also be asked to ship the product back to us.

How long will it take?[edit]

When you request the refund, we will have a look into your case to find out if you are eligible for the refund and to count the amount to be refunded, we will ask you to confirm the result. If you approved, we will request the product to be shipped back to us and we will also need your bitcoin address. Processing the refund shouldn't take longer than five (5) days since the product is delivered back to us.

How will I know the refund has been sent?[edit]

You will get an email (including confirmation of the processed refund and link to the bitcoin transaction) from support after we process the refund.

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