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This a partner portal.



Trezor is the world's original cryptocurrency hardware wallet, used by satisfied customers all around the world. Given the emerging nature of cryptocurrencies, we are only at the beginning of the journey. Trezor as the pioneering security device for secure storage and spending of crypto will only become more demanded as the popularity of cryptocurrencies increase.

You too can take part in sharing the success of Trezor and earning commissions by promoting it! At the same time, you would be helping to spread awareness about the necessary security of digital assets and identities. Moreover, if marketed correctly, the Trezor affiliate program can yield very high conversion rates, as proven by our current affiliates.

Our affiliate program is great for people who are interested in promoting Trezor but do not have the intention or means to sell the devices themselves.


We are looking for Resellers / Distributors who can help us to grow our distribution chain and get Trezor devices to the crowds all around the globe.

You can be a significant retail chain selling to a whole continent, a national distributor with expertise in a specific market, a mid-size company running your own e-shop, or an owner of a small brick & mortar shop who is interested in cryptocurrencies. We want you all!

We are looking for ways how to diversify the distribution and we want to hear how could you help us!

Bulk Orders[edit]



Developers can contact our integration department at [email protected] and provide all needed information regarding the integration.

An important tool for any integration with Trezor device is Trezor Connect - a platform for easy integration of Trezor into 3rd party services. It provides websites with functionality to authenticate users, access public keys and sign transactions. A user interface is presented in a secure pop-up window. All information about Trezor Connect can be found here here






Trezor and Satoshilabs are not bound to any investment company; we have no venture capital funding because we do not want any external influence or overwatch. This also means that we do not need to follow any venture capital interests, be it revenue targets or market share. Instead, our venture focuses entirely on the community. We consider the community made of Trezor users and fans as our investors. We do not need to make the hardware wallet attractive for capital investors. Instead, we make it user-friendly and intuitive for end-users.

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