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This an {{def|individual user portal}}.
This a {{def|user portal}}.
* [[Quick start guide]]
* [[User manual]]
* [[Apps]]
* [[FAQ]]
== ''I don't have TREZOR, tell me about it.'' ==
== Glossary ==
* {{color|random visitor|green}} - visits the Wiki for the first time, maybe by accident. Wonders what is '''Wiki''' about, how it can help him. → Tell him '''where''' he is and what is the Wiki '''about and good for'''.
User-level terms can be found in the following glossary parts
* [[Glossary#Cryptocurrencies|Cryptocurrencies]]
* {{color|aspiring buyer|green}} - wants to know '''products''', supported '''cryptocurrencies''', '''security''', '''apps''' and other '''features''', '''prices''' and '''shipping''' options, '''compare''' everything, and finnaly why TREZOR is '''better''' than other hardware wallets → a) forward him to trezor.io or shop.trezor.io, b) present him with information extracted from (a)
* [[Glossary#General technical terms|General technical terms]]
* [[Glossary#Trezor|Trezor]]
* {{color|decided buyer|green}} - wants to compare '''resellers''' options on shipping '''speed''', '''price''', '''reputation''' → a) forward him to trezor.io/resellers (need better filtering to be usable)
* [[Glossary#Trezor Wallet|Trezor Wallet]]
== ''I own a TREZOR device.'' ==
* {{color|virgin user|green}} - wants to '''setup''' device and '''transact''' for the first time → focus a) practice before security, b) security after security
* {{color|basic user|green}} - wants to know more about '''theory''' and '''apps''' 
* {{color|advanced user|green}} - wants to learn about more '''advanced staff'''
* {{color|technical user|green}} - wants to understand how things work '''under the hood''' 
* {{color|aspiring upgrader|green}} - wants to '''compare''' products and '''prices''', why should he '''upgrade''' → see aspiring buyer

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Trezor Wiki/ User portal

This a user portal.


User-level terms can be found in the following glossary parts

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