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In computing, firmware is a computer program that provides the low-level control for the device's specific hardware.

See also: Security:Software

Since Trezor is a simple device, its firmware acts as a complete operating system. Trezor firmware is a key component of the device security and is also responsible for all of its basic and advanced features. To enable future enhancements and security updates, the firmware of the device can be updated when a new version is published using Trezor Wallet or other compatible interfaces with managing capabilities. To prevent malicious updates, only firmware properly signed by SatoshiLabs can be installed without additional user confirmation.

ImportantAll Trezor devices come without firmware installed to ensure that the latest firmware is installed when the device is delivered.

See the firmware changelog for the latest firmware.

Actions: Updating the Trezor device firmware, Wipe device

ImportantFor security reasons, an unsuccessful firmware update (or a successful one using unofficial firmware) will wipe the device from any private information including your recovery seed.

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