User manual:Moving funds to a wallet with a newly generated seed

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The purpose of this article is to describe the process of sending funds to a wallet with a newly generated seed for users who own only one Trezor device.

If you think that your recovery seed might have been compromised, we recommend to send your funds to your other Trezor device as soon as possible (see Making payments).

If you own only one Trezor device, you can move your funds to a new wallet with a newly generated seed. Doing so safely is a relatively complicated process. Be sure to follow the instructions below carefully and be sure always to write down the recovery seed carefully. This process is meant for experienced users only.

You need:

  • Your Trezor device
  • Your current recovery seed
  • A sheet of paper (or an empty recovery card)
  • A pen

Now follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the original recovery seed available. Check the validity of seed using the dry-run recovery feature.
  2. Wipe your Trezor device (see Wiping your Trezor).
  3. Set up your Trezor with a new recovery seed and carefully write the seed down (see Create a new wallet.
  4. Now you need to get the receiving address for your newly generated wallet:
    1. Selected the cryptocurrency that you want to transfer.
    2. Go to the Account 1 page and click on the Receive tab.
    3. Write down the receiving address of your new Trezor account (see Receiving payments).
  5. Make sure that you have your new recovery seed written down. Wipe the device (see Wiping your Trezor).
  6. Recover your Trezor with the old recovery seed (see Recovery) and send your funds to the receiving address of your new account (see Making payments).
  7. Select your Trezor and press your device.
  8. Recover your Trezor using your new recovery seed.
  9. Done.