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The Trezor Sell feature of Trezor Wallet provides a simple and straightforward interface for selling cryptocurrencies while receiving the proceeds directly to an account associated with a payment card.

Trezor users can currently sell bitcoins using their EU-issued Visa card.

NoteSatoshiLabs does not directly facilitate trading your cryptocurrencies. The service providers integrated into the Sell feature are third-parties.

Third-party service providers may, and usually will ask for personal identification and sensitive information to comply with AML/KYC regulations.

1. Find the Sell tab in Trezor Wallet[edit]

Visit Trezor Wallet and connect your Trezor device. Once connected and unlocked, find the Sell tab in the upper part of the interface.

Wallet Sell 1.png

2. Set up your trade[edit]

To set up your trade, you can either put in the amount you wish to receive denominated in EUR or enter the specific amount of BTC that you would like to sell.

NoteThe minimum required amount to trade may be as low as €50 EUR.

Once you enter your desired amount, matching offers appear below. The offer overview displays the name and logo of the service provider and the offered conversion rates for your trade. Click on theContinuebutton right next to your chosen offer to continue.

Wallet Sell 2.png

3. Complete the process with the service provider[edit]

After you click onContinue, you will be redirected to checkout in the interface of the selected service provider.

If requested, provide the anti-AML/KYC documents to complete your purchase. See the example of the verification process required by Simplex in the pictures below.

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